The ASEAN University Network (冰球突破豪华版下载app) Secretariat carries out the operations of the 冰球突破豪华版下载app as determined by the 冰球突破豪华版下载app Board of Trustees and university rectors/presidents/vice-chancellors. 秘书处根据其主要职责分为多个单位. 


  1. Intelligent Secretariat

We are driven by intelligence. 这种智力表现为两种形式. 其一,知识是冰球突破豪华版下载app所有决定的基础. The other is that our works are based on innovative designs and fundamental principles. 

  1. Trustworthy

冰球突破豪华版下载app的名字和冰球突破豪华版下载app的存在是可靠的标志. 冰球突破豪华版下载app始终保持警惕,提供高质量、相关和有效的工作. 

  1. Cosmopolitan 

We do not constrain ourselves to any limits because we understand that to be the best we can be, 冰球突破豪华版下载app必须超越冰球突破豪华版下载app的局限,并尽可能地从内部获取一切. Only by looking at international quality standards within our region can we truly be the best Secretariat we can be. 


The Team

Name Position
Choltis Dhirathiti, Ph.D. 冰球突破豪华版下载app Executive Director
Korn Ratanagosoom 首席战略官和冰球突破豪华版下载app秘书处办公室的大副


Unit 1

Name Position
Ing-orn Jeerararuensak Chief of 冰球突破豪华版下载app-QA and Senior Programme Officer
Achavadee Wiroonpetch 高级方案干事兼执行主任助理


Unit 2 

Name Position
Suchanaad Dhanakoses Programme Officer


Unit 3

Name Position
Thongpan Boonpanyachon Programme Officer
Andaman Punsawai Programme Officer
Wanthep Nakthippiman Programme Officer
Benyasiri Eimviriyapong Programme Officer
Monsiri Chintanavisit Quality Assurance Officer
Kritsaporn Rithichaidumrongkul Quality Assurance Officer
Saruda Moolwong Quality Assurance Officer
Worapanit Wongsaprom Quality Assurance Officer
Soranee Chuyingsakultip Assessment Officer
Sittikorn Sukkaew Assessment Officer


Unit 4

Name Position
Buranond Kijwatanachai Programme Officer
Phasawit Jutatungcharoen Programme Officer
Noppanun Sookping Programme Officer


Support Staff

Name Position
Parichat Boakhem Office Manager
Sumalee Rungrueangtham Finance Officer
Montinee Jakdee Office Assistant
Somsak Meeumpan Office Assistant