30 June 2020


Buranond Kijwatanachai

In the previous article on the effects of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, 有人提出了一个悬而未决的问题:如果冰球突破豪华版下载app在寻找新常态的过程中忘记了人性,会发生什么. 而答案因人而异, 从一个组织到另一个组织, 核心问题仍然是,新的工作环境可能并且已经给人们带来了压力和苦恼.

想象一下,在一天漫长的工作之后,回家坐下来放松一下,看一部你一直期待的好电影. Just as the first act is about to finish and the real story about to take off, 你听到熟悉的铃声和嗡嗡声. You take a peek, maybe it is a friend asking you out for the weekend. But it is not. It is work. And it is critical. Suddenly, the movie you were just watching does not engage you anymore. 你拼命地想要放松,因为这是你的休息时间, 但是下沉的感觉仍然存在,因为你忍不住想要找到解决工作中问题的方法. Distracted as you are, you decide that maybe you will watch your movie tomorrow after work is done. Then tomorrow arrives and you sit down again for the same movie. But this time before you even hit resume, you already feel that dread. What if I have to stop watching again because of a text from work? Suddenly, anything relaxing you try to do all ends up piling on the stress. 这就是“冠状忧郁”的一个症状。.

Without the boundary that had previously existed, work is now poisoning the oasis of leisure time. Even if one does not experience stress to the degree described above, 它仍然没有适当的界限, one is at risk of being wound up all the time and ultimately crash.

没有什么灵丹妙药. 如上所述,答案会有所不同. 但冰球突破豪华版下载app所能提供的是冰球突破豪华版下载app所采用的有助于发现和诊断问题的方法. And if we know what the problems are, we are that much closer to solving them.

As an organization that has seen the necessity of adaptability in the 21st century, the 冰球突破豪华版下载app Secretariat regularly has conversations about reflecting and reviewing plans, policies, and decisions. 在合适的气氛中, 尤其是学习方面, 开诚布公的讨论可以改善目前的工作状况,包括最近引起不满的任何事情. 你决定如何从那里开始,这取决于你作为一个组织是谁,你的员工是什么样的. This is about avoiding complacency and taking ownership of your own happiness.