7 October 2021

介绍冰球突破豪华版下载app专题网络系列#16 - 冰球突破豪华版下载app- adera

Noppanun Sookping

冰球突破豪华版下载app建筑设计教育与研究大学网络, 也被称为冰球突破豪华版下载app-ADERA, is a thematic network of the ASEAN Universities Network established to build a community of critical and creative scholars in architectural design education and research for intellectual exchange.

Sanctioned in 2018, 冰球突破豪华版下载app-ADERA secretariat is based at the Centre of Advanced Studies in Architecture/Tun Tan Cheng Lock Centre of Architecture and Urban Heritage in Asia, 新加坡国立大学.

冰球突破豪华版下载app-ADERA的会员资格向30所核心会员大学开放, 以及冰球突破豪华版下载app及其他地区的非盟大学.


  1. To share the best knowledge of experiences and practices in innovative design pedagogy pertinent to ASEAN in particular, and Asia in general 
  2. To create a milieu for the cultivation of architectural knowledge unique to ASEAN that has broad ramification to and dialogue with the best of humanistic education that improves the quality of life of people and communities. 
  3. 鼓励和交流研究文件, translation and publication of key texts and ideas special to the milieu of development architecture in ASEAN. 
  4. To foster an active discussion on the design futures of ASEAN and their implications on architectural education, 针对技术的快速转化进行研究与实践分析, 制作和代表. 
  5. To promote a broader understanding of significant cultural and political connections among the member countries that have given forms to the ASEAN environments 

冰球突破豪华版下载app-ADERA has launched multiple working groups in the efforts to accomplish its intellectual exchange mission in architectural design education and research through event organization, 课程和出版物. 该网络正在开展的活动包括:

  • 建筑设计教学法关于设计工作室的方法
  • Architectural Design history and Theory: ASEAN design issues of significance including ASEAN Design Futures
  • 建筑设计技术
  • 设计、社区和文化 
  • Documentation, 译著:《冰球突破豪华版下载app教材》, traditional crafts, 现代国家/民族主义图标. 研究、学者和研究人员的书目项目和数据库
  • ASEAN Design Biennale to encourage the participating schools to promote a curatorial discipline and culture
  • 建筑教育与研究学术鉴定工作委员会

2020年7月27-28日,冰球突破豪华版下载app-ADERA举办了2020年冰球突破豪华版下载app-ADERA成立研讨会. The virtual event served the network’s thrust to create a common ground of intellectual exchange for the future of architectural design education and urban development in Southeast Asia.

尽管2019冠状病毒病大流行造成破坏, 冰球突破豪华版下载app-ADERA stands strong in its mission to forge a common ground for intellectual and innovative exchange in architectural design education and research among its member universities, 最终为冰球突破豪华版下载app地区未来的城市和智慧城市发展做出贡献.


  • E-mail: 
  • Website: http://aun-adera.net/
  • Tel: +65 6516 8736 
  • 办公地址:建筑系, 设计与环境学院, 新加坡国立大学, 4 Architecture Drive, Singapore 117566

In the next issue, 冰球突破豪华版下载app来看看冰球突破豪华版下载app-TEPL, the 冰球突破豪华版下载app Thematic Network dedicated to fostering collaboration among the ASEAN universities to improve students’ success through technology-enhanced personalised learning.